Dr Lex Mauger

Senior Lecturer
Director of Innovation


Lex completed his BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at Exeter University and graduated with First Class honours in 2006. He then went on to complete his PhD at Exeter University in 2010. During this time he worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and completed his BASES supervised experience programme in exercise physiology scientific support.

Lex went from his PhD to work as a Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire, before joining the University of Kent in 2011, where he is now a Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies for the Sport and Exercise Science Programme. Lex is a regular publisher in some of the leading sport and exercise science journals and has won external grant income from Maxinutrition, UEFA, The Arthritic Association and East Kent NHS Foundation Trust, totalling over £250,000. He also supervises several PhD student as works as a Reviewer for a number of journals. 

His current research interests are in the role of exercise-induced pain on fatigue and pacing, and the use of transcranial direct current stimulation in sport. In his spare time Lex is a keen athlete and cook.

Research Interests

Lex's principal research interests are focused on the limiting effect of pain on exercise, and the role of the brain in regulation of exercise intensity and endurance performance.He publishes frequently in these areas, presents his research in the UK and internationally and has been featured on BBC Horizon, NBC Today and Stade 2. Lex currently supervises several PhD students, and is an active member for the School’s Endurance Research Group (ERG) and Health Research Group


I will be on Academic Study Leave between September 2018 and August 2019.


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