The Tizard Centre has a track record of excellence in the field. Our work has led to major improvements in service provision for people with disabilities and those who support them.

Our consultants are either staff who work within the Tizard Centre or highly-skilled professionals from external organisations who we have experience of working with. These include clinical psychologists, social workers and Tizard graduates (with a Master's or a PhD). All our external consultants are supervised by staff within the Tizard Centre. 

Our expertise

Autistic spectrum conditions

Consultancy services we can provide include:

  • a full assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum conditions using ‘gold standard’ approaches
  • advice and interventions for families, schools and services including person-centred active support, functional assessment and positive behaviour support 
  • auditing and advice related to autism policy and practices.

Court reports and expert witnesses

We can provide consultancy services to police, lawyers and parents wherever the victim or witness has intellectual disabilities and/or autism. We can also provide advice and support to the victims, for instance to help with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression.

Forensic issues 

In situations where the suspect in a criminal case has intellectual disabilities and/or autism, we can provide consultancy services to:

  • police lawyers, including for example an assessment of cognitive skills, language skills, autism, fitness to plead and risk assessments
  • secure or probation services, for instance related to assessment, treatment and management
  • families who need advice and support 
  • the person with IDD in relation to their experiences, feelings and need for support to help them from re-offending.

Positive behaviour support (PBS)

Positive behaviour support makes use of person-centred methods and behavioural approaches to understand and respond to behaviour which is considered challenging. Following a functional assessment, we can develop interventions in partnership with people working with an individual. These aim to increase the skills not only of the individual but of those who are providing support. 

Functional assessment

Functional assessment is a highly structured approach to identifying how, why and when an individual displays behaviour that challenges. It can also identify the roles that this behaviour serves for the individual. This information is used to design effective behaviour support plans to improve the individual’s quality of life.

Person-centred active support

Training and consultancy related to active support can cover a variety of situations, with packages designed to suit individual service needs.

Sexuality and people with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities often find it difficult to have their sexuality acknowledged and respected by others. Our consultants can either work with individuals using an educational and/or counselling approach or can advise others on the best methods for working with each individual. Bespoke training courses are also available.

Parents who have a learning disability

Parents with a learning disability can often find that their parenting skills are called into question and may need to undergo formal assessments. A consultant can provide advice and support related to these assessments and act as an expert witness in any legal proceedings related to the future care and custody of children.

Precision Teaching and Instructional Design

We can provide consultancy services to school professionals working in primary or secondary education on evidence-informed educational strategies. Areas of focus include:

  • Assessment and progress monitoring
  • Designing and sequencing curricula
  • Tailoring your lesson to the stages of learning
  • Building accuracy and fluency in the classroom

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