Medical Research Council Impact Acceleration Account IAA

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Medical Research Council Impact Acceleration Account (MRC)

The Medical Research Council Impact Acceleration Account (MRC IAA) awarded the University of Kent £357,000 to flexibly support a wide range of translational research projects. This award aims to accelerate the transition from early discovery research towards patient benefit.

Upcoming Network Event: Discovery Park Collaborative Innovation Showcase

This event will showcase collaborative projects between researchers, clinicians and industry partners funded through the University of Kent BBSRC and MRC Impact Accelerator Accounts (IAAs). There will also be a reverse pitch event where Discovery Park businesses will be able to present their ideas to both academic and clinical researchers. Lunch will include a poster session and attendees are encouraged to bring a poster along and participate in this networking event.  

Our Activities:

1. Rapid Response Fund (RRF) – Open Call. To initiate or strengthen engagement with other stakeholders, for consortia-building activities or training purposes. 

  • Applications can be submitted at any time 
  • Funding of up to £5,000 per project 
  • Please contact Michelle Garrett at to make an application  

2. Strategic Fund(SF) to help translate early discovery research towards the clinic.

  • Next SF funding round is now open until 5pm on Monday 12 June 2023
  • £100,000 of funding available 
  • £50,000 ringfenced for Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

  • For activities up to one year in length e.g. funding of laboratory-based projects 
  • Requests of up to £50,000 per application are permitted 
  • Requires external stakeholder involvement e.g. clinical or industrial collaborator as Co-Investigator 
  • Funding could be used for FTE resource in University lab or to send named University researcher to external stakeholder or vice versa
  • For further details please click the “Get involved and apply for funding” button at the top of the page  

3. Workshops to provide training and also to support Early Career Researchers  

4. Networking events: Thursday 11 January 2024

Latest news

If you have any queries, please email Professor Michelle Garrett, MRC IAA lead at