Converting to a "with Quantitative Research" Degree

First year Kent students can convert their degree to a “with Quantitative Research” minor (or, for business students, "with Data Analytics"). This is a fantastic way to add transferable skills to your skillset, boost your employability and also to learn new techniques for studying your area of interest.

Students completing the minor will graduate with “with Quantitative Research” added to their degree title. BA Sociology, for example, becomes BA Sociology with Quantitative Research. This helps to set you apart from the crowd in a competitive jobs market, demonstrating your additional skills with just a glance at your C.V.

Students taking the minor will take an introductory summer school in their first year, complete two quantitative skills modules in their second year and then complete either a quantitative work placement or a quantitative dissertation in their third year.

This structure allows you to develop your skills in a classroom setting in the first two years, before refining and demonstrating them in a practical workplace or research setting in your final year. By the time you graduate, you will have a complete and well-rounded skillset that is highly valued by employers.

Check out our employability page to find out just how crucial quantitative skills are in the modern jobs market.

How do I convert?

The first step in converting to one of our minor programmes is to sign up for our Quant GROUP Summer School, which is a two week residential programme that runs every summer at the University of Kent Canterbury campus.

The summer school is a pre-requisite for all students wishing to convert. Information and support will be provided at the summer school to guide you through the next steps in converting.

By taking the summer school, you are not committing to convert to a quantitative research minor. While we hope that students taking the summer school will be inspired to continue onto a minor, it also functions as a standalone training course, so if you come along and decide that it is not for you, there is no obligation to continue into your second and third year.

Click here for more information about the summer school.


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Am I eligible?

First year students studying one of the following courses are eligible to transfer to the Quantitative Research programmes (the title of the course you convert to is shown in brackets):

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What will I study?

The table below shows the modules you will take on a Quantitative Research minor. With the exception of the summer school, they form part of your normal Kent credit load.*


BA Sociology with Quantitative Research
BA Social Policy with Quantitative Research
BA Criminology with Quantitative Research
BA Politics and International Relations with Quantitative Research
LLB Law with Quantitative Research

BBA Business Administration with Business Analytics
Year 1:
Year 2:

How to Win Arguments with Numbers


The Power and Limits of Causal Analysis **

How to Win Arguments with Numbers

AND a choice of:

The Power and Limits of Causal Analysis


Introduction to Big Data **

Year 3:

Advanced Quantitative Dissertation (30 credits)


Quantitative Placement Module (30 credits)

* In many cases core module requirements in the main degree programme are relaxed for students taking quantitative minors (i.e. you may not have to take all of the modules that would normally be required by your main course). Please contact us for more information.

**Students are encouraged to take a further advanced quantitative methods module (not shown) in their second year, however this is not compulsory.

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Informal Seminar

For questions or queries about converting not covered in the FAQs, please contact:
Tina Haux
01227 827320



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