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His continuing academic interests are essentially on Swiss history and politics, although he still retains an interest in constitutional development in the UK and the EU. Although Switzerland is all too often ignored in the English speaking world, it is a fascinating and important state. So, since the 1970s, he has written widely on Swiss elections, Euroscepticism, history and EU relations. He produces annual reports on Swiss politics for Europa’s Western Europe and the Annual Register. He is currently working on a commissioned book on political change in Switzerland since the late1980s, focussing on the rise of populism and its effects on the old political system. He is also hoping to finish studies of the Ticino in the 1830s and of the changing nature of Swiss democracy and to write something on the 2015 elections. In his spare time he is much involved in the politics of the Canterbury district and writes on the history of Thanington. back to top

Research Interests

His continuing academic interests are in European constitutional development and Swiss political affairs. Oddly for an Englishman, he likes treaties, constitutions and theory. Even more oddly for an Englishman he specialises on Switzerland, probably the most fascinating (because of its use of direct democracy) and most overlooked small state in Western Europe. Since the 1970s he has written widely on Swiss history, democracy and Swiss relations with Europe. He also comments frequently on Swiss politics and elections on radio and in the press. He is currently working on the 2007 federal elections and the rise of Euroscepticism in Switzerland and is planning an edited history of Switzerland. back to top

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