Gender gap in published research on Europe is significant.

Richard Whitman investigates the gender distribution in publishing in the Journal of Common Market Studies, since its inception to the present time, in the European Political Science article.

The experience of editing an academic journal has provided fruit for investigating the gender distribution in publishing in the Journal of Common Market Studies since its inception in 1962 until 2021. Dr Toni Haastrup who is formerly of University of Kent, now at the University of Stirling has co-edited the Journal of Common Market Studies together with Professor Whitman for five years. The journal has been hosted by the School of Politics and International Relations.

‘While we identify a gender gap in publishing and a persistent one in submissions, we also highlight the ways in which this gap has impacted knowledge production and reinforced disciplinary boundaries.’ Whitman explained ‘These findings are consistent with the general trends in Political Science and International Relations journals.’

‘What is distinctive about the piece is that it is the two lead editors of the journal giving attention to gender allows us to develop strategies for challenging hegemonic knowledge practices, and consequently who can make knowledge about “European Studies”.’

‘While much of the findings so far, though limited, reflect similar trends in political science and international relations journals we have gone further to claim that who gets represented within journals is not only a metric for equity, but also has implications for knowledge production about our subject areas.’

Read the full article here; ‘Who creates the “common market”? The gendered practices of knowledge production in a “European studies” journal’, European Political Science. 

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