Gavin Esler to discuss the implications of Scottish Parliament election results (11 May)

Olivia Miller

The University of Kent is hosting a virtual discussion with its Chancellor, Gavin Esler, on Tuesday 11 May (18.00-19.00) to explore the implications for Britain following the Scottish Parliament election results.

Drawing from the insights of his new book, ‘How Britain Ends: English Nationalism and the Rebirth of Four Nations’ (Head of Zeus), Gavin Esler will join Professor Richard Whitman from the University’s School of Politics and International Relations for a debate around the uncertain future of the United Kingdom.

The discussion, which will be held via Zoom will delve into whether the Scottish election results announced on 6 May will make Scottish independence a more likely prospect and if they push the United Kingdom further down the road of disintegration.

Gavin Esler will connect the themes of his book with the consequences of the elections and explore the confusions of identity that have marked being British, English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

The open-to-all discussion, ‘The Scottish Parliament Election results: How Britain Ends?’, takes place on Tuesday 11 May at 18.00. Register for free to receive an access link to the event.