Kent alumni help make new version of The Lion King a box office hit

Five alumni of the University’s School of Engineering and Digital Arts have played a big role in creating the visual effects that have helped make the new version of Disney’s The Lion King a box office hit.

Graduate El Suliman, who gained his BSc Multimedia Technology and Design in 2006 and an MSc Computer Animation the following year, was one of the film’s Lead Animators. He was joined in creating the film’s animated scenes by Celia Prou, who graduated from Computer Animation in 2013.

Other Kent alumni who played a role in the project include He Sun, who worked as a Lead Environment Technical Director after graduating with an MSc Digital Visual Effects in 2008, and Compositors Dominik Platen and Joseph Tsang, who both graduated in 2014 with an MSc in Digital Visual Effects.

The Lion King, Disney’s latest remake of one of its animated classics, has made an estimated $191.8 million in the United States during July, the highest ever for that month. The previous record was held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which earned $169.1 million during its debut in 2011.

School of Engineering and Digital Arts tutor Blaine Epsley said: ‘Everyone at the School is extremely proud to see our alumni achieve such great things. It’s great to see their talent being recognised on the big screen.’

Other films featuring work from Kent alumni include Oscar success Gravity, The Jungle Book and James Bond blockbuster Skyfall.