University of Kent, Expertise

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Academic Expertise

Delivered with an innovative, creative and enterprising approach

    Our subject experts are leaders in their field having real-world experience of delivering innovative solutions helping you to achieve a range of business objectives, including increasing productivity, growing sales, reducing costs and developing new products and services.

Collaborate with us

Home to over 100 research groups, Institutes and Centres, our University is a rich source of knowledge and expertise. Our research strengths are:

  • Creativity, Culture and Heritage
  • Cyber Security, Digital Technology and Communication
  • Health, Social Care and Wellbeing
  • Social Justice, Inequalities and Conflict
  • Sustainability, Environment and Natural Resources

We understand that it can be difficult to identify how you as a business, charity or public sector organisation can tap in to this resource. Whether you're looking to access advice or training, exchange knowledge or co-create with our academics, we can help you get there.

Students and an academic testing out a virtual reality headset

Innovation in Practice

Explore how our research impacts the world and contributes to culture, the environment, science and society.  

Meet our academics

Professor John Batchelor from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts

John's research focuses on RFID based low power sensing technologies and their applications for everyday life.

Dr Donna Arnold, School of Chemistry and Forensic Science

Donna is particularly interested in designing materials with specific functionality - the materials of the future.

Honorary Professor Louis Passfield, School of Sport and Exercise Science

Louis' work focuses on data modelling, training and performance, to help change the way we understand the process of training in sport.