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Summer Schools at our Partner Universities

In view of the Covid-19 outbreak, please be aware that the Partner Summer Schools listed below may be subject to change, postponement or cancellation. Students are advised to check with the host institution on the status of the summer school, and to check Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice and with your insurer before making any travel/accommodation arrangements or paying a registration fee. Please note that the Summer School Fund is currently suspended. For information on the University’s response to Covid-19, please see here


Attending a summer school overseas is a great way to experience another culture, gain a global perspective, enhance your studies and make friends from around the world.


With over 60 institutions across 30 different countries to choose from, why not get a taste of the Go Abroad experience by taking part in one of our partners' summer schools?

Summer Schools Abroad 2020:

  • Learn something new

  • Meet new friends

  • Have an adventure

Opportunities await

Do something different this summer!

Click on the View Summer Schools tab above to browse through the exciting range of available summer schools hosted by Kent's partner universities in Summer 2020. Each summer school may have its own early bird discount scheme or scholarship so don't delay getting more information. We will continue to update the list of summer schools for 2020 as we receive up-to-date information from our Partners..

Attendance to one of Kent's partners' summer schools could allow you to receive Employability Points.The Employability Points Scheme is a University of Kent programme which allocates you Employability Points for your co-curricular activity. For each activity completed, you can log this on MyFolio and receive points. Towards the end of Term Two, if you have earned sufficient points, you can use these to apply for exclusive rewards, which include paid internships, work experience, training, vouchers and much more. For more information, please visit: www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints

Please note that the University of Kent is not responsible for the content of these Summer Schools. If you are interested in attending one of these programmes, it is your responsibility to research the programmes and fees fully and to apply directly to the university in question.


Summer School Fund

Did you know you could apply for a funding to attend summer schools in certain countries?

Eligibility: Countries that have an asterisk (*) next to them are eligible for funding (for India, the funding is from a different source, please click on UKIERI Mobility Programme link).

Applications have currently been suspended.

If you have any questions, please email goabroad@kent.ac.uk.

My time at Dongguk International Summer School left me very keen to travel to Asia again and return to Korea in particular someday. I only came across the summer school by chance browsing the University of Kent website - I think it's excellent that our institution has so many international partnerships which offer students opportunities like these. My trip to Korea was really exciting and rewarding from an academic and personal standpoint. I found that the intensive lessons struck a great balance with the various social and cultural excursions on offer, allowing plenty of chances to join in with guided trips as well as independent sight-seeing. I got to meet many great people, often going out to eat and drink with fellow students and some of the Dongguk buddies too. The atmosphere alone, being right in the central district of Seoul at the foot of Mt Namsan, is something I will always remember. I really think immersive experiences like this summer school are a wonderful way to challenge yourself and expand your horizons as a young person and as a student. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be culturally and politically engaged, or simply to have fun.

Calla Sweetzer-Sturt, Dongguk International Summer School (South Korea)

Kent student testimonials on summer schools

Student: Gabor Petri
Degree: PhD at the Tizard Centre, SSPSSR
Summer School: National University of Ireland Galway

“The lectures were running in a very interactive manner which allowed for many questions and interventions from the audience – the sharing of ideas and perspectives added even more colour to an already colourful programme. The summer school was also highly useful to me personally to make contacts with other academics and activists.”

Student: Ashwini Lakshminarayanan
Degree: UG Classical & Archeological studies 3rd Year
Summer School: Achill Field Training School –NUI Galway

“I am having a wonderful time at the Summer School in Ireland. I am simply delighted to be able to visit Ireland and learn from this new and exciting experience ”

Student: Joao Martins-Pereira
UG Hispanic Studies 2nd year
Summer School:
University of Zaragoza, Spain

“My experience of the University of Zaragoza’s summer programme was truly amazing and unforgettable. I met some amazing people and learnt so much from my time in Jaca. Everything I learnt will be massively beneficial to my studies at Kent. I am ever so grateful for this fantastic opportunity that the University of Kent offered me.”


Student: Martina Saiu
Degree: UG International Business 1st year
Summer School: Intensive German Language Summer School, Vienna

I am really glad I was offered the possibility of attending the summer school. It was a wonderful experience, which helped me to improve my skills, widen my horizons and open my mind to new cultures and lifestyles.”

Additional opportunities:

Think Pacific bursary supporting Widening Participation

Looking for a purposeful summer? Why not join a team, live at the heart of a traditional village and work on youth and sports projects that are making a real difference in the Fiji Islands - in partnership with the Fijian Government. Every year, Think Pacific offers up to 15 free places for university students eligible for widening participation support.

For information including details of how to apply, please see here. To book your place at the upcoming Think Pacific information session at Kent, you can do so here.

Note: The University takes no responsibility for undertaking health and safety or any other risk assessments of activities unrelated to the specific and its components at Think Pacific. Students participating in this Scheme are expected to undertake their own assessments and familiarise themselves with the relevant organisation’s processes in order to ensure their personal safety and well-being.

Summer Schools at Kent


Visit Kent's Summer Schools page to find out about Summer School opportunities at our Canterbury campus or at our European centres in Paris or Brussels. For more information about summer opportunities abroad (including internships) please see our Careers Website.


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