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Professor Nizar Allouch

Professor of Economics

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Nizar Allouch is a Professor of Economics. He received a PhD from University of Paris I- Panthéon Sorbonne. He previously held academic positions at Queen Mary University of London and Warwick University and visiting researcher positions at Cambridge University, and MIT.

Nizar is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Public Economic Theory and Economics Bulletin and was a Guest Editor of the Journal of Mathematical Economics. He was also the UK representative and advisory member to the steering committee of the 'Public Goods, Public Projects, Externalities' research networking programme funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF). 

Nizar is Director of Research and a member of the School's Strategic Management Team.

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Nizar's publications can be found on RePEc.

Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

Allouch, N. (2017). The cost of segregation in (social) networks. Games and Economic Behavior [Online] 106:329-342. Available at:
Allouch, N. and Wooders, M. (2016). On the nonemptiness of approximate cores of large games. Economic Theory [Online] 63:191-209. Available at:
Allouch, N. (2015). On the private provision of public goods on networks. Journal of Economic Theory [Online] 157:527-552. Available at:
Allouch, N. and Florenzano, M. (2013). Edgeworth rejective core and dividends equilibria of satiated exchange economies. Journal of Mathematical Economics [Online] 49:1-6. Available at:
Allouch, N. (2012). A competitive equilibrium for a warm-glow economy. Economic Theory [Online] 53:269-282. Available at:
Total publications in KAR: 5 [See all in KAR]


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Nizar's current research interests are in public economics and the economics of networks. Public economics is one of the main areas of economics and analyses government economic intervention such as the use of taxes, expenditures, and regulations. The economics of networks, which focuses on modelling and understanding varied economic interactions, has recently become one of the most active and dynamic fields in economics. It has the potential for important and lasting policy implications. Nizar also worked on no-arbitrage conditions and short-selling in asset  markets. 

Nizar's RePEc page is

Working papers

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  • EC883 Advanced Microeconomics and Game Theory


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Consultation hours


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PhD supervision

Current research themes within which Nizar Allouch is willing to supervise PhD students include:

  • Public Economics
  • Network Economics
  • Financial Markets and Systemic Risk

PhD students

  • Dike Chukwudi Henry (University of Kent)
  • Maia King (Queen Mary, University of London)  
  • Maya Jalloul (Queen Mary, University of London)​


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Administrative roles

  • Director of Research
  • Member of the School of Economics Strategic Management Team
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