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Dr Maria Garcia-Alonso

Senior Lecturer in Economics

School of Economics, Keynes College, B2.12



Maria Garcia-Alonso is a Senior Lecturer in Economics. She was born in 1970 in Vigo (north west of Spain). After graduating in Economics at the University of Vigo, she moved to the University of Autonoma de Barcelona where she was awarded her PhD in 1998. She joined the University of Kent as a Lecturer in 1999.

Maria’s research applies the methodology found in Industrial Economics and Game Theory to the analysis of economic problems that capture her interest. Her topics of research include the study of the regulation of the arms trade, dual use goods export controls, conflict analysis, health markets and access to medical innovations in lower income countries. At present, Maria is working on the analysis of terrorism and also the strategic interaction of parental decisions as inputs in human capital development. Maria has published her research in journals such as International Journal of Industrial Organisation, Journal of Health Economics and Oxford Economic Papers.

Maria is the School's Director of Education and a member of the Strategic Management Team.

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Maria's publications can also be found on RePEc, Orcid and ResearchGate.

Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Book section
Garcia-Alonso, M. and Levine, P. (2007). Arms trade and arms races: a strategic analysis. in: Sandler, T. and Hartley, K. eds. Handbook of Defense Economics: Defense in a Globalized World: v. 2: Defense in a Globalized World. Netherlands: North-Holland Publishing Co., pp. 941-969.
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Research interests

Maria’s research in the past few years has been in the fields of Industrial Organization and International Trade. The objective has been to understand the strategic interactions between governments which are involved in arms production and arms control. More generally, Maria has also been interested in the impact of public procurement policies on market structure with an application to both defense and pharmaceutical industries.

At present, she is developing models that try to explain the characteristics of the national and international regulation in health markets.

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Consultation hours


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PhD Supervision

Dr Garcia-Alonso is happy to consider supervising PhD students who are interested in the use of microeconomic theory in areas such as:

  • Human Capital Development
  • Defence and Peace Economics
  • Pharmaceutical Markets


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Administrative roles

  • Director of Education
  • Member of the School of Economics Strategic Management Team
  • Open/Applicant Day Co-ordinator


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