How to Get Your Ticket

Tickets for students will be given out in the foyer of the Grimond Building (behind the Templeman Library) on Monday 4th December at 12:45pm (prompt). A second batch will be given out in the foyer of the Grimond Building on Tuesday 5th December at 5.45pm (prompt). In order to be sure of getting a ticket on either occasion you will need to arrive early and join a queue. In previous years queues have begun to form at least an hour before the distribution times.

Subject to availability, you may request a ticket for a friend provided that you bring their ID (as well as yours) along. We offer two distribution times so that as many students as possible have a fair chance of getting a ticket, regardless of their timetable commitments. [Special arrangements are made for disabled students. They are asked to contact Fr Peter Geldard.

Staff should please e-mail their requests for tickets to Revd Dr Stephen Laird between Wednesday 22nd November and Friday 1st December. Please e-mail your requests rather than leaving a telephone message! Staff requests for one or two tickets will be honoured for as long as the allocation of staff tickets has not run out. Staff requests for 'blocks' of three or more tickets will go to a ballot (a request for three or more tickets is, therefore, at risk of being completely unsuccessful!) This is to ensure that as many students as possible have the chance to attend the Carol Service (many students are only at the University for one year. All students have to queue for their tickets, and each year many are turned away when tickets run out.)

Please note that demand for tickets for the University Carol Service, from both students and staff, continues to increase. Meanwhile, due to fire regulations, seating-space in the Cathedral Nave has been slightly reduced.

Chaplaincy, Rutherford College, University of Kent, CT2 7NX

Enquiries: +44 (0)1227 827491 or contact us

Last Updated: 06/11/2017