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Medieval History


Medieval History of Canterbury and Kent: Crown, Church, Communities and Culture.

Canterbury is internationally famous for its Cathedral, the site of St Thomas Becket’s shrine, for owning a 1215 copy of the Magna Carta, and for inspiring Geoffrey Chaucer’s masterpiece: The Canterbury Tales. But Canterbury and Kent played a vital role throughout the medieval history of England. Kent’s location between London and the Channel ports – and this the passage to France - meant that its roads and towns were traversed by merchants, ambassadors and pilgrims, and soldiers engaged in such conflicts as the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses. This meant that Canterbury and other Kentish towns and cities were hives of commercial activity, and melting pots of ideas and people. This Summer School, Canterbury and Kent: Crown, Church, Communities and Culture, will explore these wide-ranging aspects of medieval history and society through the lens of Canterbury and Kent.

The course will comprise guided visits to sites across Kent, workshops, seminars and lectures, and students will investigate medieval documents, artefacts, standing buildings and landscape features to analyse how people lived, worked, worshiped, played and died in the Middle Ages. The teaching will involve individual and group learning activities, designed to enhance students’ analytical skills and their abilities to work as effective team members.

The Medieval Canterbury and Kent Summer School is part of the University of Kent Summer School programme. It will allow you to make lasting connections with students from around the world, studying a range of subjects but sharing your own enthusiasm. International study will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of another culture, make lifelong friends from a wide variety of backgrounds and benefit from globally-renowned academic excellence.

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Arrival date: Sun 02 Jul 2017 (Classes start Mon 03 Jul)

Departure date: Sun 16 Jul 2017 (Classes finish Fri 14 Jul)

Providing School: School of History

Campus: Canterbury

Credit Transfer Option:  Equivalent to 10 Credits (ECTS 5) for transfer purposes.

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