Access course modules and associated teaching materials


Moodle is the University's primary E-learning resource to access modules and lecture or seminar content online. It also provides a space for students and staff to communicate and discuss course material. 

Students: Moodle will likely be used in each of your modules as a space for you to access learning resources associated with that module. Moodle with contain the majority of your course content including assignment submissions, lecture recordings and discussion posts.

Teaching staff: Moodle is the University of Kent's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). All taught modules can use Moodle for online teaching resources and interactive activities. Staff and Students are automatically enrolled on their modules. Moodle provides tools to support the learning experience, such as assignment submission, forums, wikis, and quizzes. YouTube or KentPlayer recordings can be embedded or linked to in the module.

Tips for using this tool at Kent

Help & how to get started

  • Get started with Moodle by signing in with your '' credentials (username and password)
  • ​Visit the Moodle support web page for advice about how to use it


​Free: costs are covered by the University

Terms of use, copyright and licensing

​Access is restricted to University students and staff on a module by module basis