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Constanze undertook her doctoral studies at Bonn, and came to Kent in 2012 after fulfilling postdoctoral roles at Sheffield (2007-08) and Glasgow (2008-12).

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Office hours: Mo 10:30-11:30/Fr 10:30-11:30

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Gutierrez, J. and Roitzheim, C. (2017). Bousfield localisations along Quillen bifunctors. Applied Categorical Structures [Online] 25:1113-1136. Available at:
Roitzheim, C. and Gutierrez, J. (2016). Towers and fibered products of model categories. Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics [Online] 13:3863-3886. Available at:
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Livernet, M., Roitzheim, C. and Whitehouse, S. (2013). Derived A-infinty algebras in an operadic context. Algebraic & Geometric Topology [Online] 13:409-440. Available at:
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Roitzheim, C. (2008). On the algebraic classification of K-local spectra. Homology, Homotopy and Applications [Online] 10:389-412. Available at:
Roitzheim, C. (2007). Rigidity and Exotic Models for the K-local Stable Homotopy Category. Geometry & Topology [Online] 11:1855-1886. Available at:
Book section
Barnes, D. and Roitzheim, C. (2014). Rational Equivariant Rigidity. in: Ausoni, C. et al. eds. An Alpine Expedition through Algebraic Topology: Fourth Arolla Conference Algebraic Topology August 20–25, 2012 Arolla, Switzerland. Providence, RI; American Mathematical Society, pp. 13-30. Available at:
Roitzheim, C. (2005). Arbeitsgemeinschaft mit aktuellem Thema: Modern Foundations for Stable Homotopy Theory: Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach Report No. 46/2005, organised/edited by John Rognes (Oslo) and Stefan Schwede (Bonn). in: Schwede, S. ed. Oberwolfach Reports. European Mathematical Society Publishing House, pp. 2603-2604. Available at:
Total publications in KAR: 14 [See all in KAR]
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Research Interests

  • Stable homotopy theory, in particular model categories and chromatic homotopy theory
  • Homological algebra and A-infinity algebras.
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MA325: From Geometry to Algebra
MA567: Topology back to top

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School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS), Sibson Building, Parkwood Road, Canterbury, CT2 7FS

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