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Prior to joining SMSAS in 2014 as Lecturer in Statistics Eleni's academic career was:

  • 2011--2014: Departmental Lecturer, University of Oxford
  • 2010--2011: Research and Teaching Fellow, Victoria University of Wellington
  • 2006--2010: PhD in Statistics, University of Kent-Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
  • 2005--2006: MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine, University of Southampton
  • 2000--2005: BSc in Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business

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Zhou, M. et al. (2018). Removal models accounting for temporary emigration. Biometrics [Online]. Available at:
Matechou, E. and Caron, F. (2017). Modelling individual migration patterns using a Bayesian nonparametric approach for capture-recapture data. Annals of Applied Statistics [Online] 11:21-40. Available at:
Matechou, E. et al. (2016). Biclustering models for two-mode ordinal data. Psychometrika [Online]. Available at:
Matechou, E. et al. (2016). Bayesian analysis of Jolly-Seber type models; Incorporating heterogeneity in arrival and departure. Environmental and Ecological Statistics [Online]:1-17. Available at:
Matechou, E. et al. (2016). Open models for removal data. Annals of Applied Statistics [Online]. Available at:
Matechou, E. et al. (2015). Reproductive consequences of the timing of seasonal movements in a non-migratory wild bird population. Ecology [Online] 96:1641-1649. Available at:
Matechou, E. et al. (2014). Monitoring abundance and phenology in (multivoltine) butterfly species: a novel mixture model. Journal of Applied Ecology [Online] 51:766-775. Available at:
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Diana, A., Griffin, J. and Matechou, E. (2019). A Polya Tree Based Model for Unmarked Individuals in an Open Wildlife Population. in: Bayesian Statistics: New Challenges and New Generations - BAYSM 2018.
Total publications in KAR: 13 [See all in KAR]
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Research Interests

Mixture models, one- and two-dimensional clustering, Bayesian methods and their applications in population ecology. back to top

School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS), Sibson Building, Parkwood Road, Canterbury, CT2 7FS

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