Summer schools

Year 10 Summer School

Breaking personal barriers, breaking academic barriers and building a fairer community.

Why Apply?

The University of Kent has lots of experience running summer schools to introduce students to university life, to help them understand their options and make the choices about the next steps in their educational journey. We also want to give participants the chance to build skills to help them succeed. The Summer School provides the space and the support for participants to think deeply and to try new things, the chance to meet new people, to ask questions, and to express their opinions.

The Summer School is run on the University of Kent's Canterbury Campus. Students live in University accommodation for the duration of the residential.

What happens at a summer school?

This year's summer school will explore the theme of 'Breaking Barriers', encouraging participants to recognise barriers; personal, within their communities and in the wider world, and to re-imagine the ways in which we can support each other to overcome them. Participants will explore how learning happens at university and have the opportunity to develop their own skills, alongside experiencing different aspects of student life, participating in sports and social activities and making new friends. 

How much will it cost? 

The summer school is free of charge, including  accommodation, meals, all academic sessions and activities. Support with the cost of travelling to the campus may also be available. Please enquire at

Who can apply?

The Summer School is aimed at students in year 10 who:

  • Are keen to work across different subject areas 
  • Are happy to work in a small team
  • Would like to develop knowledge, skills and experience of University

Eligibility criteria applies.

Why Breaking Barriers?

Whether the barriers in question are personal, academic or systemic, there is no doubting their existence. 

Join us for the Year 10 Summer School, where you will be given the opportunity to reimagine the world as it could be by designing a barrier-breaking initiative. It could be a pop-up neighbourhood library to increase your community's access to books, or a curriculum redesign to increase representation so that everyone can find role models who remind them of themselves.

After all, there should be no barriers to your ambition.  

This year's summer school will take place on the following dates: 

Tuesday 30th July – Thursday 1st August

Applications now open!

Accommodation will be provided in single sex accommodation, in single rooms with en-suite facilities, at student halls of residence on the University's Canterbury Campus.