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Portrait of Iain Ramsay.

Should households repay their debts?

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Portrait of Katja May

Sumita Chauhan: PhD in Digital Arts

Sumita Chauhan’s life-size sculptures have been exhibited all over the world. As a PhD student, she explores how the process of digital sculpture can help people with early-onset dementia.

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Around the University

From publishing novels to winning prizes – find out more about Kent’s academic activities.

Profile of Professor Jeremy Carrette

Professor Jeremy Carrette

Professor Jeremy Carrette becomes Dean for Europe, responsible for developing our European engagement strategy and our European postgraduate centres.

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Profile of Dr Kelli Rudolph

Dr Kelli Rudolph

Dr Kelli Rudolph's book explores how food tastes in ancient Greece and Rome have inspired modern flavours.

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Profile of Professor Davina Cooper

Professor Davina Cooper

Professor Davina Cooper, whose research interests include the state, everyday utopias, and re-imagining political concepts, becomes a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

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Profile of Professor Alex Stevens

Professor Alex Stevens

Professor Alex Stevens comments on the government's latest drug strategy which, he says, ignores research that could help prevent drug-related deaths.

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The latest Coutts’ Million Pound Donors Report, co-authored by Dr Beth Breeze, shows that there has been a boom in philanthropy since the financial crisis.

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Profile of Dr Sophia Labadi

Dr Sophia Labadi

Kent lecturer Dr Sophia Labadi teamed up with an artist and a musician to present a ‘gig lecture’ at the Folkestone Triennial.

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