Portrait of Professor Anna Corrias

Professor Anna Corrias

Professor of Chemistry


Professor Anna Corrias graduated in Chemistry at Cagliari University (Italy) and went on to be awarded her PhD there. At the same university she was first Lecturer and then Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry.

Anna joined the School of Physical Sciences in March 2013 as a Reader in Chemistry and was promoted to Professor in 2018. She is currently working on a British Council funded New Ceria Based Materials for Challenges in Energy and Environment research project.

Research interests

Professor Anna Corrias’s main research expertise is in the field of aerogels, the lightest materials ever made, which find applications as thermal insulators and catalyst supports.

Currently, she is working on using silica aerogels to stabilise cerium oxide, also called ceria, in form nanocubes. Ceria possess an extraordinary reactivity, especially when it is at the nanoscale and when it is grown in the form of nanocubes. Due to their extreme low density and high porosity, silica aerogels play the role of acting as an effective catalyst support and as a medium that keeps the nanocubes apart even when the samples are submitted to high temperature, to fully exploit ceria reactivity in processes of great interest for the environment and energy, spanning energy conversion, energy storage and environmental protection and remediation.

The structural and morphological characterisation of these materials is done using a multi-technique approach involving thermal analysis, physisorption, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy.


Anna teaches across a range of chemistry modules, covering content that includes chemical reactions, thermodynamics and kinetics, and topics in inorganic synthetic chemistry. 



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