Our commitment to teaching during the pandemic: Update for September 2021

Welcome to Paris!

As we move into the summer months, we look forward to welcoming students in September and to a new academic year with face-to-face teaching in one of the world’s richest cultural capitals, Paris.

The global pandemic has made clear just how important creative practices and engagement, artistic values and critical thinking are. In challenging times, we need skills and ideas for effective solutions to world problems and the Paris School of Arts and Culture has a rich range of programmes to elevate our contributions to, and experience of, the new worlds we face.

Covid-19 has changed our worlds, but it has also meant we have found new safe and flexible ways to live. Our aim is always to teach in-person where possible and our safety measures make this possible.

We believe in the importance of delivering our educational experience in-person because it builds a community of learners, but this is always supported by virtual supports and we use the richness of digital input in a changing and networked world to enhance the in-person and when necessary. Whether in-person or online, our expertise remains one to transform your future and to create new opportunities.

Our unique size and context allow us to deliver as much in-person teaching as possible, with new rules and guidance for our Covid-19 safety. It is our aim to offer safe in-person teaching, dynamic online interaction and allowing you to make the most of the opportunities Paris has to offer in a world adapting to new times.

The health and safety of our students and staff is the highest priority. We follow University of Kent and all French government regulations to ensure the Paris School of Arts and Culture is safe; we have put in place new health and safety measures to ensure we can support our educational vision.

The world is now more adapted to Covid-19 measures and before returning or arriving it is important you are aware of our Covid Code of Conduct and follow its guidance, which makes our education possible. We will provide an additional briefing on the COVID-19 Code of Conduct to new students as part of Welcome Week beginning 20 September 2021.

The world is different, but the academic work, the opportunities for learning and the intellectual engagements will be as deep and as rich as our international reputation for scholarship and teaching has always been over the years. We have worked hard to maintain the close-knit Paris School community and we are delighted with the spirit that students have approached this new world – with enthusiasm to study, resilience in adjusting and engaging in hard-work to build new careers.

We look forward to you joining us to build your new worlds of possibilities, living safely, exploring new ideas and finding solutions to the challenges.

I look forward to welcoming you all to the University of Kent Paris School.

Jeremy Carrette
Dean for Europe

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