Michael Gillham obtained his first degree BEng (Hons) Engineering from the Open University and an MSc (Hons) Electronic engineering from the University of Surrey, obtaining his PhD in Electronic engineering from the University of Kent in 2015. He has worked since 2014 as a Research Associate in the Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent.

Research interests

My research interests lie in mobile robotics; remote operated or semi-autonomous for exploration, human operator controlled machines, and assistive powered wheelchair technology.

I have been involved with the following projects: 

  • Empowering Disabled People through Ethics in Care and Technology (EDECT)
  • SYStème Intelligent et Autonome d’aide aux Soins de Santé (SYSIASS)
  • Empowerment of Disabled people through the User Coproduction of Assistive Technology (EDUCAT)
  • A synergetic adaptive non-intrusive-navigation assistance system for empowering the disabled, elderly and infirm powered wheelchair user (SANAS)
  • Multimodal information fusion for Safe Assisted drone Navigation (MASAN)
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