What can I study?

Herne Bay High School has placed its core values of kindness, respect and dedication at the centre of its work with school students and the local community.

Creative Writing

Wednesdays 6-9pm (September - June)

Release your inner storyteller. Travel to worlds of your own creating. Express feelings and explore ideas. Study Creative Writing. You will read and write a wide range of stories, poems, children's books, plays and articles, try out new styles and discover the secrets of great writing. 

From the start you will learn how to be creative, encourage your imagination and grow your confidence. Discover and indulge a love of words and language, while building valuable communication skills which you can use in other subjects. You will express your opinions, explore why you like to read what you do, and be introduced to the ideas behind writing.

This course is taught through informal workshops, practical exercises, discussions, and individual projects which provide a clear framework to support your development as a writer.


Each subject module is taught through six units. Topics are likely to include: Inspiration and Reflection, Writing for Television, Writing the Short Story, Writing for Children, Writing Poetry, and Writing Crime.

English Literature

Mondays 6-9pm (September - June)

What's the difference between a good book and a great book? Why do some plays stand the test of time while others are consigned to the dustbin of history? How do great poets help us to see the world in new and surprising ways?

This course in English literature can help you to answer these questions, teach you how to get the most out of your reading and give you the skills to write and talk about literature. English literature is a subject of opinions so classes are interactive and based around discussion.


Each subject module is taught through six units. Topics are likely to include: Studying Literature, Short Fiction, Poetry, Shakespeare's Drama, Prose, and Studying a Play. 


Mondays 6-9pm (September - June)

Psychology is all about you. Learn more about the way people behave. Find out about the way children develop and form attachments. Understand criminal behaviour and the way a jury works. Look at the impact of social influence on people: why do people conform and why do some resist authority? Study theories about psychopathy and understand different options for treatment.

This fascinating course enables you to develop your knowledge of psychology, skills such as investigation and research, and how to analyse and present results.


Each subject module is taught through six units. Topics are likely to include: Introduction to Psychology, Neuropsychology, Psychology and Therapy, Criminological Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Social Psychology.   


Wednesdays 6-9pm (September - June)

Do you create the society that you live in or does society create you as an individual? Do the media reflect current thinking or merely shape the way in which we think?

Come and explore how you as an individual interact with the society that you live in through culture, religion, the media, education and the family, and examine how the power of groups can bring about change throughout the world.

Join the debates on youth culture, crime and deviance, criminal justice and law, and investigate how social class and government policy can ultimately shape the way in which we live.


Each subject module is taught through six units. Topics are likely to include: Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of the Family, Social Science Research Methods, Social Stratification, Theories of Crime and Deviance, and Sociology of the Mass Media. 

Short courses and Taster Evenings

If you're thinking about applying for the Access Programme but you're not sure if it's right for you, get a flavour of the subjects that we offer by booking a place on one of our short courses or taster evenings.