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Email best practice

The following guidelines can help you to deliver effective email communications which receive good engagement and can help you to achieve your objectives.

All-student and all-staff

Corporate Communications only manage a small number of mailing lists - these include the ones for all students and all staff.

You can find all the mailing lists, and who is responsible for them, on our mailing list service.

Due to the difficulties of staying relevant to such large and diverse groups and the annoyance factor of frequent bulk emailing, we have very strict criteria for sending emails to large groups.Students and staff have told us they prefer personal and targeted emails. If sent too frequently and inappropriately, bulk emails can annoy people.

Our preferred practice is to send regular, but less frequent, email newsletters to these groups. Our student newsletters are once a month and our staff ones are fortnightly. We edit these newsletters using content from the News Centre, Campus Online and the Student Guide. If you would like something considered for a newsletter - send us a story.

To have your content even considered for a large mass-mailing, the email has to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Relevent to the majority of either staff or students
  • Urgent and/or essential to one or more key business processes of the University
  • As instructed by members of the Executive Group
  • Part of a response to an emergency situation or major incident
If you would still like to request an all-staff or all-student email, please contact but also please ring us to discuss your requirements on ext 4343 or via a member of the team.

Before you start

Before you start any communications there are four key questions you need to answer:

  • Who am I trying to communicate with?
  • Does my audience need this information? Does it add
    any value?
  • What is the call-to-action?
  • How do I expect my audience to respond?


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