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Brand Identity

Image library

To ensure everyone is working from the same pool of approved images, the image library has been uploaded to Flickr. We recommend only downloading the images you want to use rather than the whole image library at once.

Using Flickr

The image library is hosted on its own Flickr account, universityofkentidentity, where you can browse the images before downloading them. Do bear in mind that Flickr will show you adverts if you're browsing in 'slideshow' mode without being logged into a flickr account.

How to download images from Flickr

  • Click on any of the albums listed below, you will be taken to Flickr and shown a tiled display of all the images within that album
  • Scroll down until you find an image you like
  • Click on that image, you will be taken to a bigger view of it
  • In the bottom right hand corner of the dark grey area there are some icons. Click on the arrow pointing downwards
  • You will be shown a small menu with different sizes listed, we recommend going with 'large'
  • The file should then start to download
  • If your department has a Flickr account then leave a comment saying you will be using the image for a project.

Study type specific images

Community specific images

Want more choices?

If you would like to browse through a wider range of images you can download contact sheets from photoshoots here:

Send the file names of the images you select to design_studio@kent.ac.uk. The Design & Print Unit are there to advise you on the suitability of your choices and may be able to offer alternatives.

The complete image library is also available on request as a single download file (118MB) from kentbrand@kent.ac.uk.

Getting your own imagery

Should you want imagery or video that goes beyond that which is in the above image library, the Information Services Digital Imaging team provides professional level media services to academic and professional service departments across the University.

They are available to support any request from a simple set of staff profile photographs to more extensive portraiture sessions; from promotional films or even long term research lead projects involving film, photography and digitisation.

Contact Digital Imaging for more information

Style and use of images

Our imagery is shot in natural light and in a realistic and spontaneous style. We avoid face-to-camera portraits, staged or unnatural situations or people looking very ‘smiley’, especially in academic scenarios.

Our images must not be manipulated or distorted in any way. This includes changing the shape of image from the standard square or rectangle, overlaying text onto images, creating cut-outs, collaged or blended imagery, using keylines around images or rounding the corners of picture boxes.

Additional information

Don't forget to check out the section about our use of imagery.

If you have suggestions or requirements for imagery, please contact kentbrand@kent.ac.uk.

For advice on the selection of images appropriate for your needs, please contact design_studio@kent.ac.uk.

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