Free Breakfast for Kent Students on Medway Campus!

We are thrilled to invite all students to a special event that not only fills your stomach but also warms your heart. Join us on the 13th June for a FREE breakfast session at The Hub, Medway. This delightful offering is made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors during Kent Giving Week of last year. As you enjoy the free breakfast, we encourage you to reflect on the impact that giving can have on our community, and how we can contribute to a culture of support and tackle food insecurity at the University of Kent.

Why is this Breakfast Special? This breakfast isn't just about enjoying a tasty meal; it's a celebration of the community coming together to make a difference. Thanks to the incredible support from our staff, students, alumni, and donors during last year's Kent Giving Week, we have been able to provide over 10,900 meals, including these free breakfast sessions, supporting more than 650 students facing financial challenges. 

Your Meal, Their Support: The generosity of our donors during Kent Giving Week of last year has made these breakfast sessions possible. It's a testament to the power of giving and the impact it can have on our community. As you indulge in the complimentary breakfast, we encourage you to consider how you, too, can pay it forward in the spirit of giving. 

Right to Food: Our Commitment, Your Nourishment: As a Right to Food University, these breakfast sessions symbolise our ongoing dedication to tackling food insecurity. We believe that access to nutritious and sustainable food is a fundamental right. Through various initiatives, we are actively working to ensure that no student on our campus faces the challenge of going hungry.

Booking details

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