BioBlitz 2023

University of Kent, BioBlitz
A BioBlitz is an interactive event, which is held to record as many living species as possible within a specific area, under a short amount of time. This data is created through collecting many biological surveys carried out by scientists, the public and volunteers, providing an excellent opportunity to get the local community involved with conservation. The University of Kent presents a perfect location for a BioBlitz with the vast greenspaces, concentration of ecological specialists and close proximity to a city. It offers expert knowledge, biodiversity, and plenty of local people to participate. The event will involve collaboration between numerous local conservation and wildlife organisations, as well as the local community and students.

The School of Anthropology and Conservation (SAC) Sustainability Working Group will be hosting the University of Kent BioBlitz on Saturday 20th May 2023 from 8am-9.30pm. This event is open to all and anyone can take part, even if you have no previous biodiversity survey experience!Numerous surveying sessions are scheduled throughout the day for all ranges of experience.

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