Connor Styche: My Trans Experience

LGBT History Month
Talk by Connor Styche about his own personal experience of coming out as transgender and his experiences & battles throughout school and the workplace. Raw presentation where he talks about the dark times he has come through mentally, parent relationships, teacher relationships, friend relationships, the do's and don'ts.

Connor is a 27 year old transgender man and Managing Director of construction marketing agency The Digital Lookout. Born female, he began his transition to male just two years ago. His light hearted and welcoming approach to what can be a difficult subject to broach will make you laugh. More importantly, he provides an opportunity to ask him any question you like, however bold you think it might be, and to get an honest and genuine answer.

Part of the LGBT History Month launch, the event also includes the opening of the Behind the Lens exhibition and performance by local drag celebrity, Dame Jame

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