Study Plus - Stress - How to manage it well when you are busy or have a heavy workload by Jeffrey Wotherspoon

Stress - How to manage it well when you are busy or have a heavy workload

Stress is something that affects everyone. It causes students to feel overwhelmed with their studies, accounts for huge percentages of absences at work, and can negatively impact our mental and physical health. Simply said if you do not take a proactive step to manage stress it could have terrible consequences.This 90-minute workshop looks at what stress is and explores some of the benefits as well as the negative impacts of stress. Most importantly this workshop will provide you with practical tools you can implement to manage stress. By attending this workshop, you will learn:how stress can aid youwhat to look out for to manage stresshow stress can impact you physiologically, emotionally & mentallytips to manage stress.On another note. I have just finished leading a team of 6 coaches on a project with Sony Music entertainment. They run an internship programme every year, and my team is at the tail end of coaching all their interns. My team has a lot of experience working with young people in different capacities be it as a youth worker, teacher, or careers roles at Universities.

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