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Gabor Petri

PhD Student


Gabor completed his MA in Hungarian Literature and Linguistics at the University of ELTE in 2004 in Budapest.
Gabor is currently pursuing a PhD at the Tizard Centre under the supervision of Julie Beadle-Brown and Jill Bradshaw. His research project focuses on the representation of people with intellectual disabilities within organisations of people with disabilities – and how this impacts the advocacy agenda of disability organisations.

Gabor worked for 3 years with people with cerebral palsy as a personal assistant and later worked on disability and youth policies in the Ministry of Social Affairs in Budapest. He was director of the national umbrella Hungarian Autistic Society from 2006 until 2010 where he was instrumental to the landmark approval of the Autism Strategy (the second of its kind in Europe) by the Hungarian government in 2008, and for producing the national shadow report on the UN CRPD in 2010. Between 2010 and 2014 Gabor worked on EU policies and international human rights at the European Disability Forum and at Mental Health Europe in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2013, Gabor is a member of the Board of Directors of the European Disability Forum. He has been involved in the work of various Hungarian and European civil society organisations active in the disability movement.

Gabor’s research interests include deinstitutionalisation, the role of EU funds in implementing disability policies, and self-advocacy.

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(as translator) Claire Sainsbury: Marslakó a játszótéren (Martian in the playground – Understanding the schoolchild with autism) – GeoBook Hungary, 2011

(as editor to the Hungarian publication) Mitzi Waltz: Autism: a social and medical history (Az autizmus orvosi es tarsadalomtortenete) – FSZK, 2015

(as editor to the Hungarian publication) Steve Silberman: Neurotribes (NeuroTorzsek) – FSZK, 2015


“The programme is you” (film) – an account from a mental health service user – Mental Health Europe – HCLU, 2013 ( – as co-editor
Mapping Exclusion (film) – Mental Health Europe – Hungarian Civil Liberties Union/HCLU, 2013 ( – as co-editor

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