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Changing gender roles in work and family life workshop

Thursday 31 March - Friday 1 April 2016

A workshop for Eastern ARC researchers

The Eastern ARC Quantitative Social Science Section at the University of Kent would like to invite academic staff and postgraduate research students to participate in a “Changing gender roles in work and family life” workshop.

The workshop aims to bring together Eastern ARC researchers across the social sciences and other relevant disciplines, who are interested in the how gender roles and nature of work have changed in labour markets and within families.

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The Eastern Arc Gender roles workshop 2016 

Thursday 31 March, 12.30 – 17.30 
Friday 1 April 2016, 9.00 – 16.00 

Venue: Cornwallis East 3rd Floor, Staff Room University of Kent  

The goal of this workshop is to bring together scholars working in the area of gender, labour market and family issues. Although not exclusive to the Eastern Arc Research Consortium, the workshop does provide an opportunity for future collaborative research within the Arc to be instigated.  

Discussion topics: 

Session 1: Employment patterns and parenthood 

Session 2: Women in leadership  

Session 3: Parenting  

Session 4: Division of unpaid labour 

There will be photography and recording taking place during the workshop, delegates are invited to complete the photographraphy and audio-visual form and return to Charmaine Keatley.

Session 1: Thursday 31 March 2016

12.30: Arrival and coffee

13.00: Heejung Chung and Mariska van der Horst - Impact of access to flexible working arrangements on labour market intensity of mothers after child birth.
13.25: Diego da Silva Rodrigues - The financial impacts of free childcare provision on British mothers' incentives of labour supply: a microsimulation approach.
13.50: Maria Elena Komodromou - Does postpartum depression affect employment?
14.15: Eva Kleinert - Labour market institutions, family policies and gender labour market inequalities.

14.35: Refreshment break

14.55: Niaz Asadullah and Zaki Wahaj - Gender norms and female work participation in Bangladesh.
15.20: Chiara Cavaglia and Ben Etheridge - Job polarisation and the distribution of household incomes.
15.45: Matthew Aldrich - Underemployment across Europe: families’ response to the Great Recession.

Short break

16:20: Thomas Akoensi - Gender and work-family conflict among prison officers in Ghana.
16:45: Tina Haux and Lucinda Platt - Parenting and contact across separation.
17:10: Closing

18.40: Dinner** at Cote Brasserie*: The menu can be viewed here. Please send your choices to Charmaine Keatley by 23 March 2016.

*2 Longmarket Parade, Canterbury CT1 2JS (Tel: 01227 786386)

**There will be no charge for the presenters' dinner.

Sessions 2-4: Friday 1 April 2016

9.00 Welcome day 2

Session 2
9.10: Carola Leicht, Georgina Randlsey de Moura and Richard J. Crisp - Attracting women to leadership: the role of contesting gender stereotypes.
9.35: Libby Drury - Can role models reduce gender inequality in corporate governance?
10.00: Abigail Player, Georgina Randsley de Moura, and Dominic Abrams - Women’s hidden potential: the preference for leadership potential in male candidates.
10.25: Sue Shepherd - Why are there so few women leaders in higher education? Failing to live up to 'benchmark man'.

10.50 Refreshment break

Session 3
11.10: Andrea den Boer - Patrilineality, son preference, and state policies in South Korea.
11.35 Amanda Gosling and Maria Garcia-Alonso - Endogenous divorce and human capital production.
12.00: Stefanie Hoherz - Parental work hour demands and ‘quality time’ with children.

12.25: Lunch

Session 4
13.25: Pelin Gul - Male honour as a barrier to men’s communality.
13.50: Man-Yee Kan and Heather Laurie - Who is doing the housework in multi-cultural Britain?
14.15: Charmaine Keatley - Understanding the division and negotiation of unpaid labour in couples.
14.35: Brain storming session with coffee

16.00 Closing




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