Use this reference management tool which is geared towards researchers


Mendeley offers a range of researcher-friendly functions not provided by other reference management tools. The software has desktop, web and mobile interfaces, and your libraries sync easily between devices. It is free to use and you can upgrade its storage at a cost.

Mendeley enables you to manage your references, insert citations into your work and generate bibliographies. There is a built-in PDF viewer and you can drag and drop documents straight into Mendeley, complete with their bibliographic data. Multiple users can annotate documents using personalised colours and discuss them via public or private groups. 

Mendeley also offers open access content uploaded by other users and you can set alerts for new resources relevant to your research. You can also create your own research profile, upload your CV and search for vacancies and funding opportunities. Learn more about why to choose Mendeley.

Tips for using this tool at Kent

  • Download Mendeley to your PC, tablet or phone or use it via a web browser
  • Use Mendeley on student PCs on campus
  • Find your referencing style
  • Carry on using Mendeley when you leave the University - you don't have to migrate your content

Help & how to get started

  • Create an account to get started.
  • Use a personal email address as your log-in for Mendeley. Don't use your Kent IT Account password for your Mendeley account.
  • Download Mendeley and the Mendeley Web Importer from the Mendeley website.

How-to guides:

More help:


  • ​Mendeley is free by default and provides 2 GB free space
  • For extra storage and features you can upgrade to Mendeley Premium for a monthly cost

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