Frank is a Senior Technical Specialist (Developer) within the HSS Technical Team, and enjoys working within a great team supporting both staff and students with the design and development of experiments, applications and games for lab and online based studies. As well as development, Frank also helps to teach and train staff and students on how to program and build experiments using the open source PsychoPy, attempting to share knowledge and empower where possible.

Additionally, he has managed, developed and continues to maintain a number of web applications for the Division, including the online Ethics system, Lab booking and asset management system, Kent Child Development Unit database, Management Information System and Plagiarism reporting system.

Frank also carries out general day to day technical support cover during busy periods and works with the Technical Team to maintain key research equipment within the laboratories to keep everything moving.

Outside of the University, Frank works within the world of digital preservation with classic computer games and software, with specific interest in the subject of unreleased games, running The Games That Weren't project. Frank created a book on the subject in late 2020 marking over 20 years of running the archive.



Grants and funding

2019F Gasking and Dr Lindsey Cameron
University of Kent TESSA application
Enhancing teaching innovation by integrating student interaction within lectures  

Responsibilities and expertise

  • Development, maintenance of Psychology experiments and programming support for:
    • PsychoPy (including online)
    • Inquisit 6
    • Qualtrics + Javascript/JQuery
    • Phaser 2 (HTML5) online experiment building
    • E-Prime
    • Virtual Reality experiments in Vizard
    • Experience of game packages for potential experiment use: Myrmidon, Game Maker Studio
    • Experiment Builder (EyeLink)
    • Matlab (including Psychtoolbox)
  • Experiment integration and helping maintain key research equipment:
    • TMS
  • Development of online questionnaires and survey distribution
    • Qualtrics (Web + Mobile), Experience Sampler (Mobile)
    • Including site administration and generating novel solutions to problems.
  • Developer and maintainer for key School web applications: 
  • General application programming/web development expertise:
    • Technologies/languages: Python, Matlab, Java, Perl, Ruby, C++, VB6, HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, ASP, PHP5, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI
    • Content management systems + frameworks: Wordpress, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Symfony
    • Authentication and data protocols: SAML (Development of SAML auth modules for our systems), LDAP
    • Development repositories: GIT and SVN.
    • Development and deployment environments: Homestead, Vagrant, Capistrano and Deployer.
  • Database design and development: MySQL, SQLite and SQLserver
  • General technical support
    • IT and application support for end users
    • PC rebuilds, hardware issues, connectivity issues
    • Room access (Pegasys)
    • Biopac hardware, BrainVision EEG, EyeLink, VR, TMS, Tobii maintenance - including electrode replacement and diagnostics for EEG.
    • Help with general software including MS Office suite, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
    • Experience with most common operating systems: Windows 8.1 + 10, Ubuntu, iOS, Android
    • Managing and overseeing yearly upgrades of key software including PsychoPy and Matlab for Staff/Student PCs.
  • Part of the School web authors group
    • Updating/migrating main web pages on new template, Research.kent pages, Moodle and Sharepoint staff/student intranet pages.
  • Running and assisting training workshops: 
    • Basic introduction to programming
    • PsychoPy
    • EPrime
    • Qualtrics
  • Agile development and project management
    • Experience of project managing large scale projects such as Ethics and KCDU database
    • Regular ongoing project management of experimental projects for staff and students.
    • Assistance with project bids and applications within the School.
    • Working/communicating with external suppliers and development teams.
  • Knowledge and experience with testing procedures: Prototyping, User testing and Unit Testing (PHPUnit)
  • Gatekeeper for secure Polygraph project PCs for Forensic group and maintaining a call reporting tool.
  • Part of a team of administrators for: Moodle, Sharepoint, Lab booking system and Research Participation Scheme (RPS)
  • Basic electrical and soldering skills (building custom GVS cables and fixing work)
  • Regular investigation of new technologies and other packages (including on request) as part of project bids and self learning.


  • Technical Support for Research Prize (2018)
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