The KentVision Programme is governed by the KentVision Strategic Group and the KentVision Operational Group. Together these two groups will provide the support and guidance for the project direction as well as ensuring the activities undertaken continue to meet the aims of the programme as well as broader University strategic aims.

KentVision Strategic Group

  • Responsible for ensuring that the needs of all University stakeholders are considered and prioritised.
  • Responsible for the long term vision for the unified platform
  • Sets priorities for both functional and technical development work
  • Meets termly (initially monthly)

Group Members:

  • Richard Reece (Chair)
  • William Collier
  • Anita Jackson
  • Mark Ellis
  • Frank Richardson
  • John Sotillo
  • Barry Storey
  • Sam Thornton

KentVision Operational Group

  • Oversees the management of the unified platform through the recruitment and academic cycle
  • Creates the programme of major and minor works for both functional and technical development work following the priorities set by the strategic group 
  • Meets monthly (initially fortnightly)

Group Members

  • Anita Jackson (Chair)
  • Barry Storey
  • Paul Sales
  • Marisa Orrin
  • Antony Brenton 
  • Odette Collard-Woolmer 
  • Kyra Harwood-Lucas
  • James McCrea
  • Tom Finley
  • Kim Harty
  • Chris Barron

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