Kent intern makes a difference at Sustainability Monitor

Martin Herrema
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Fashion industry

Kent undergraduate Stephanie Daniels has been helping to make a difference at a company researching sustainability in the fashion industry.

Stephanie, of the University’s School of Engineering and Digital Arts, has been working as an intern at Sustainability Monitor, helping the company with its brand marketing and web site.

Sustainability Monitor chief executive officer Ronnie McBryde explained: ‘Data visualisation is key to Sustainability Monitor and fundamentally we are researchers, not designers. Having Stephanie in-house has enabled us to merge research with design, which has allowed the company to move forward. Stephanie has worked on a wide range of projects, which have been possible because of her diverse set of skills.’

Reflecting on her internship, Stephanie commented that she ‘most enjoyed the designing element, being able to utilise the company’s existing branding and colour palette to create different charts and graphics. It’s great to work in a business environment and being able to apply my academic knowledge and skills.’