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Sophie has been a lecturer at the University of Kent (UK) since 2002. She did a joint-PhD (Nancy, France and Kent University) on a comparative study of auction law which was awarded a prize by the University of Nancy and published in 2006.

Research Areas: European and Comparative Law, Cultural Heritage Law


Sophie's research lies at the intersection of law and heritage studies, with a particular interest in the regulation of the art market and cultural heritage law. Her research on cultural heritage law covers both the regulation and protection of cultural objects and the built heritage by national laws (French, English and the USA) and international conventions. Her earlier work focused on the regulation of cultural objects and the restitution of stolen and/or illegally exported cultural objects, in particular in the case of historic wrong (human remains, Nazi era looted objects). She is currently working on a theoretical approach of cultural heritage law as an emerging field of study. Her research aims to analyse the fragmentation of cultural heritage law between the different types of heritage that are protected in order to critically explore the reasons why there are distinctive rules for the protection and regulation of movable property, immovable property, tangible heritage and intangible heritage.

Major research project

Sophie's research interest aims at assessing the efficiency of existing export restrictions of works of art and restitution laws at an international, European and national level and their core relationships with private law (property, criminal, conflict of laws) and public international law in order to propose a coherent art law framework. She is the principal investigator of the AHRC network on the protection of Cultural World Heritage Sites.

Professional Societies

SECOLA Society of European Contract Law, Institute of Art and Law

Société internationale pour la recherche sur le droit du patrimoine culturel


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Teaching and Supervision



LW 583 Art Law
LW 539 Droit Civil


LW 925 Cultural Heritage Law

Past Teaching

Droit constitutionnel et administratif (LW567)
Obligations II (LW512)



Comparative law, Art law, Cultural Heritage Law.

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Other Academic Activities


Sophie co-organises (with Amanda Perry-Kessaris and Lisa Dickson) the KLS Legal Treasure Tours

She lectures at postgraduate level at the Institut D'Etudes Superieures Artistiques (Paris) and the Ecole du Louvre (Paris)

Sophie has been invited as an observer to the meetings of States parties to the 19th UNESCO convention on the means of prohibiting and preventing the illicit import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural property.

Whose Legacy? Museums and National Heritage Debates


During Spring and Summer 2008, she was a visiting scholar at the University of Fordham in New York


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