Portrait of Professor Wade Mansell

Professor Wade Mansell

Emeritus Professor


Wade has two broad and disparate areas of research interest are within public international law and (to a lesser extent) the law of tort. Within international law his focus is upon the relationship between law and power. His perspective might fairly be categorised as 'critical' by which he mean that he usually argues that international law is likely to reflect power and the interests of the powerful, albeit significantly disguised. Wade's concern is with attempts to use international law to redress the gross imbalance that underlies concepts of 'sovereign equality'. He is particularly interested in international debt, and the State of Israel in international law. Within Tort his interest is in 'negligence' and the absurdity of the concept in its use as an accident compensation mechanism. 

Professional Societies

  • SLS

External Appointments

  • Invited Professor at University of Paris X (Nanterre). On the Panel of Experts of the Cyprus Education Department. 

Research interests

Recent research projects include 'development and international debt' (with particular reference to Iraq); a consideration of the effect of the rise of human rights upon international law (problematising the status of the individual as a subject of international law); and a consideration of the significance of compensation arising from '9/11' upon the doctrine of tort. 

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