Portrait of Dr Gian Giacomo Fusco

Dr Gian Giacomo Fusco

Lecturer in Law


Gian Giacomo Fusco studied philosophy at the University of Bologna and the University of Rome. He obtained his doctorate in law at Kent Law School in 2018, with a dissertation focusing on the concepts of sovereignty and legal normativity in the work of the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben.

He is currently working on a monograph inspired by his PhD dissertation, titled Form of Life. Agamben and the destitution of rules, which is scheduled for publication by Edinburgh University Press in 2021. This book, through close engagement with Agamben’s idea of form-of-life, aims at offering to the reader viable theoretical paths to think outside the crisis and the obsolescence of Western juridical and political reality. 

In his earlier academic career, he worked also in the field of urban studies and sociology, with a dedicated focus on the social struggle for housing rights.


  • LW313 A Critical Introduction to Law
  • LW599 Land Law
  • LW563/LW566/LW611 Law Dissertation Modules
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