Portrait of Vivien Gambling

Vivien Gambling

Clinic Solicitor
Module Co-Convenor


Vivien is a solicitor at Kent Law Clinic, undertaking casework and teaching law students.

Prior to joining Kent Law School Vivien gained extensive experience working as a solicitor at a leading solicitors’ firm in London with a focus on human rights, public law and social welfare law, and as the Senior Solicitor at Lambeth Law Centre in London. Vivien has conducted a wide range of civil cases, in particular in housing law, homelessness law, and property disputes including in the context of breakdown of family relationships. Vivien’s recent casework has encompassed categories of law including housing law, property law, trust law, family law and inheritance, disability discrimination, judicial review, contract law and welfare benefits law. 

Vivien is involved in charities and campaigning organisations, including the Housing Law Practitioners Association (having formerly been Chair of that organisation) and Vivien is on the Board of Directors of Canterbury Housing Advice Centre. 

Vivien has experience of lobbying for changes in the law, in the areas of housing law, legal aid, court closures and access to justice. Vivien believes that lawyers play a vitally important role in identifying and spelling out shortcomings in the existing law and the likely effects and impact of proposed legislation, which may not be immediately apparent, and campaigning for changes. 


Vivien is one of the team of Solicitors who supervise the academic and practical work of students working in Kent Law Clinic. Her undergraduate teaching responsibilities span Homelessness Law and Policy.

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