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Digital Reboot is a series of events, activities and industrial collaborations to engage, nurture, and support the growing demand for digital start-up business support and to enhance the employability skills of those looking to work within the sector. Additionally Digital Reboot is about helping existing enterprise to innovate, benefiting from the creativity of our student population across a wide range of academic disciplines. All supported by Santander Universities

Building on the existing digital media activities of the Hub for Innovation & Enterprise (a Santander Universities funded activity) the main focus of the programme centres around the development of our students, staff and recent alumni. Engaging with the local business community to allow them to access the innovation and creativity of those participating in the programme offering impact to the regional economy via innovative business challenges and for a series of public lectures opened to the local community. Collaborating with the School of Engineering & Digital Arts to house suitable hardware and software creating a Digital Reboot Lab open to all students granting access to the technology required to start their own business.

The programme supports those in their pre and early stage business start-up experience. A mixture of group and individual activities supporting each stage of starting up, all with a digital theme are hosted. Events further enhancing the offer to students and businesses offered ensuring sessions are current and relevant to those thinking of running or working in digital/electronic businesses potentially alongside their studies/further employment rather than as traditional sole income. We collaborate and directly engage with all our academic schools, for example joining the creativity of the school of Engineering and Digital Arts’ Multimedia Technology and Design undergraduates and graduates with businesses in the region. This approach will also give access to other digital technological experts throughout the schools. We provide consultancy services, interaction and usability testing, working with industrial partners on collaborative student projects. Building on existing collaborations with our Student Union, Employability Points (a Santander Universities funded scheme) and our wider Careers & Employability Service to deliver workplace skills training to ensure self-employment and employment are positioned side by side.

You can gain Employability Points for some of the events you attend.

Supported by Santander Universities

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