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Living Costs 2020/21

While you are at University (particularly if you are living away from home), your spending patterns may be very different from what they may have been. Below you will find a brief guide to some of the main expenses you may face as a student. Of course, how much you spend depends on your lifestyle!

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£90 to £264.23 per week - Accommodation at Kent divides into three types: college on campus, self-catering on campus and off campus accommodation:

  • Undergraduate college accommodation includes room, utility bills and a meal allowance. Costs currently range from £143.84 to £264.23 per week for 31/37 weeks.
  • Undergraduate self-catering accommodation includes utility bills but not food. Costs range from £98.63 to £204.40 per week for 39 weeks.
  • Postgraduate self-catering accommodation includes utility bills but not food. Costs range from £141.33 to £240.48 per week for 52 weeks.
  • Off campus accommodation Students pay between £90 and £120.00 per week for a 52-week rental (plus costs for electricity, gas and water).
    • Council Tax - Students do not have to pay council tax, but you do have to get an exemption certificate. For information on how to request your exemption certificate please click here. It is up to you to make sure the certificate is given to the local council where you live.
    • Utility bills - £10.00 to £15.00 per week (off campus only).

Accommodation Information
Paying for Accommodation


  • Books and materials - £15 to £20 per week - Costs will depend on the subject you are studying and can include books, stationery, photocopying, field trips, specialist materials or equipment. N.B. This is just a guide - please refer to your course details for further information.
  • University local travel - £10 to £15 per week - Depending on where you live, you may need to budget for daily costs and weekend journeys if you travel home or away on visits. If your home is some distance from the University, you will also have to consider the cost of travelling to and from the University at the beginning and end of term.


  • Food - £40 to £70 per week - The amount you spend depends on how much you eat and how expensive your tastes are!
  • Clothes and laundry - £15 to £45 per week - Costs will vary depending on your personal tastes and how much shopping you do!


  • Social life - £25 to £65 per week - This is an important part of University life, so it is important you budget for it. How much you actually spend will depend on your interests and how much socialising you do.
  • Mobile phones - £5 to £15 per week - The amount you spend is up to you - keep an eye on your bills. You should shop around for the cheapest tariff to suit your circumstances.
  • Television - £3.03 per week (calculated over 52 weeks) - If you decide to have a television in your room, you are required to have a licence.

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