A special exhibition at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge
From Japanese Noh masks to modern-day Instagram filters, this special exhibition in the heart of historic Canterbury explores the relationship between revealing and concealing the self through masks, prints, paintings, film, and interactive filters.

In collaboration with The Beaney for the first time, Unveiled is a special exhibition curated by students on the University of Kent's MA Curating programme.

Every photo we take comes with the option to edit and filter our image.We get to choose the face we present to the world. What do these choices we make say about our identities? Are we always hiding behind a mask, or do we use these masks to unveil our true selves?

Throughout history, masks have been used for both purposes: some protect and hide us while others reveal our innermost world. Masks also bring attention to the causes we stand for and aid in the traditions we follow.

Unveiled explores the use of masks and facial distortion as a means of personal expression in identity, activism, and ceremonial traditions.