Problematizing dominant research commitments in Northern Ireland: Underserved local minority ethnic and migrant peoples

Universities have a responsibility to serve their societies and communities through access to education, resources, expertise, and consultancy. Yet within a hypercompetitive global higher education sector that champions internationalisation, local needs can be neglected or deprioritised. This series of seminars showcases a range of projects exploring higher education institutions’ civic responsibilities towards their wider societies and communities.

In this research seminar, two academic citizens in Northern Ireland will share and reflect on their recent work with a newly formed think tank, the Migrant and Minority Ethnic Council (MME) and problematize the dominant research commitment of Northern Ireland research-intensive universities which underserve local minority ethnic and migrant peoples. They will share stories and insights from their different perspectives, professional positions, social locations and realms of influence. Their praxes are underpinned by a concern for how universities serve the local good, and the aim of raise consciousness about the (re)productions of inequality, marginalisation, and methodological nationalism and whiteness by UK universities.

Dr Dina Zoe Belluigi is Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, and a research associate for the Chair for the Critical Study of Higher Education Transformation at Nelson Mandela University. She is a migrant academic, committed to the growth of pan-African and international networks for advancing Critical University Studies to actively pursue an emancipatory imagination for the future university. Dina sees her work as relating to the agency and ethico-historical responsibility of academics and artists in contexts undergoing transitions in authority and in the shadow of oppression. She is the research coordinator for the Migrant and Minority Ethnic Council (MME) Think Tank.

Dr Maurice Macartney is Public Affairs and Campaigns Officer at Queen's University Belfast. His role involves supporting engagement around the principles and themes of the University's Social Charter, which sets out the Institution's commitment to the principles of social justice and sustainability, and to making a positive impact in society. Maurice is also on the Board of the Migrant and Minority Ethnic Council (MME) Think Tank and has produced a range of videos and podcasts for the organisation.

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