Russian Beginners A1 - LA309

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4 15 (7.5) MRS R Su




Placement Test:
You do not need to take a placement test if you wish to register for the beginners' module (A1) and you have never studied Russian before.
If you have studied Russian before, but you have not taken one of our lower level modules, you need to take a placement test. The test is used as a guide to assess your knowledge of Russian language. Please submit the mark sheet and the questionnaire to the Convenor of the relevant module (their details are on the downloadable documents). The Convenor will contact you for further information if necessary.



This module aims to give students who have never studied Russian before some familiarity, at an introductory level, with everyday life, activities, tourism, history, geography and culture in Russian. It is designed to build a solid foundation for students in order to further develop their Russian language skills in an easy and systematic approach. Any students who are absolute beginners or have very little knowledge of Russian language are welcome to take LA309.
Topics for listening, speaking, reading and writing will focus on an introductory level of communication skills used in everyday life, such as: greetings and introductions; numbers; asking for help and directions; describe living rooms; talk about weather; shopping and ordering in restaurants, etc. Students will also be exposed at introductory level to Russian life including major cities, famous places, museums, music, theatre, ballet, etc.
Vocabulary and grammatical structures will be explained, practiced through communicative activities in the friendly and stimulating seminars.


This module appears in:

Contact hours

Three hours of seminars per week, for ten weeks


Core textbook: £48 approximately
*The textbook will be used for 2 modules: LA309 in autumn term and LA310 in spring term.

Method of assessment

In-course tests 90%:
• Reading aloud 10%

• Listening 20%
• Writing 20%
• Reading 20%
• Speaking 20%

Course assignment 10%:
• Cultural research and writing 10%

Indicative reading

Preliminary reading:
1) Langran, J. (2010). Ruslan Russian Grammar. Birmingham: Ruslan Limited.

2) Langran, J. and Veshnyeva, N. (2012). Ruslan Russian 1. Birmingham: Ruslan Limited.


See the library reading list for this module (Canterbury)

See the library reading list for this module (Medway)

Learning outcomes

Upon successfully completing the module students will be able to:
Use Russian, in 4 skills (Reading Listening, Speaking and Writing), with a proficiency equivalent to A1 level (Basic User) on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). See the table below for reference.
1) read and hand write basic Russian words;
2) demonstrate, in 4 skills, a familiarity with basic Russian vocabulary equivalent to A1 level on the CEFR;
3) demonstrate, in listening and reading , a basic understanding of the main points of standard materials related to basic topics;
4) express and exchange basic information, in speaking and writing, in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics;
5) demonstrate, in 4 skills, an introductory understanding of the life and multiple cultures of the target language countries.


This is a 15-credit module. Students who completed this module successfully can progress onto LA310 in the spring term.

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