Guide to placements for employers

The School of Computing’s Placements Team works hard to ensure that students are well prepared.

Benefits to employers

We work closely with our students, encouraging them to apply to businesses and roles that best match their skillset. And, by listening to employers, we ensure that the year in industry is mutually beneficial.

Both our undergraduate and Master’s students have the opportunity to undertake a placement. For companies, placements are a good way to raise their profile and attract high-quality graduates to work with them. In addition, placements give you: 

  • an opportunity to meet potential recruits and impress them with the benefits of working for you after graduation
  • an opportunity to bring new ideas into the organisation, including those related to some of the latest technology
  • an inexpensive resource for a fixed term to move projects along
  • an opportunity to raise the profile of the company on campus.

Technical aptitude and attitude enables Kent students to quickly become productive members of staff. Placement students are a core part of our recruitment strategy and this has allowed us to expand rapidly and maintain exceptionally high standards.

Mathew Gould Head of Java Services, Influential Software

How a placement works

Undergraduate students work with you for a minimum of 44 weeks. The placement begins after the end of their second year. Master's students spend between eight and 50 weeks working with you. This takes place at the end of their taught MSc programme.

A placement must meet a few key criteria:

  • it should be full-time
  • it must be paid – salaries are in the range from £15k-£40k+ with most roles outside of London being paid in the £18-£22k bracket
  • it should be office based – so the student can see how the whole business works and develop broader business skills. Students sometimes make arrangements to work remotely once they are established in a company
  • the role needs to enable the student to meet the Learning Outcomes for their placement. This means that it should involve computing or technology in its wider context. Suitable roles include business analyst, project manager, network engineer or IT support,  software developer.

The School’s placement officers visit students while they are on placement. This is to ensure they are making the most of the experience, developing skills and meeting requirements for their course. These visits are always arranged in advance with the students and their manager.

How to recruit a student

The recruitment process is entirely down to you. Some employers come to campus to present to students or to do initial interviews. The Placement Office maintains a schedule of events and can make arrangements for your visit.

If you have vacancies you'd like us to advertise to our students, just email the details to the Placement Team

We're always happy to talk to prospective employers, so please get in touch.

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