School of Physical Sciences

Staff list

Academic staff

Professor Nigel J. Mason Head of School of Physical Sciences
Dr Simon J. Holder Deputy Head of School of Physical Sciences
Professor Mark Burchell Professor of Space Science
Professor Anna Corrias Professor of Chemistry
Professor Mark A. Green Professor of Materials Chemistry
Professor Stephen Lowry Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Professor A.Gh Podoleanu Head of Applied Optics Group
Professor Michael D. Smith Professor of Astronomy
Professor Paul Strange Professor of Physics
Professor Michael J. Went Professor of Chemistry and Forensic Science
Dr Maria Alfredsson Reader in Theoretical Materials
Dr Simon J. Holder Reader in Organic Chemistry
Dr Gavin Mountjoy Reader in Condensed Matter Physics
Dr Dean Sayle Reader in Chemistry
Dr Christopher Solomon Reader in Physics
Senior lecturers
Dr Donna Arnold Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science
Dr Stefano Biagini Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Dr Ewan Clark Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr George Dobre Senior Lecturer in Applied Optics
Dr Dirk Froebrich Senior Lecturer in Astronomy/Astrophysics
Dr Stuart Gibson Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science
Mr Robert Green Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science
Dr Emma McCabe Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Jingqi Miao Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Astrophysics
Dr Mark Price Senior Lecturer in Space Science
Dr Jorge Quintanilla Senior Lecturer/SEPnet Fellow in Condensed Matter Theory
Dr Silvia Ramos-Perez Senior Lecturer in Materials Physics
Dr Paul Saines Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Christopher Serpell Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Christopher Shepherd Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science
Dr Helena Shepherd Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Robert Barker Lecturer in Chemistry and Forensic Science
Dr Aaron Berko Lecturer in Forensic Science/Chemistry
Dr Adrian Bradu Lecturer in Applied Optics
Dr Nicholas Bristowe Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Sam Carr Lecturer in Physics
Dr William Gee Lecturer in Chemistry and Forensic Science
Dr Jennifer Hiscock Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Michael Hughes Lecturer in Applied Optics
Dr Vicky Mason Lecturer in Physics/Director of Public Engagement
Dr Gunnar Möller Royal Society University Research Fellow in Physics
Dr Alex Murray Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Aniello Palma Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Dr Emma Pugh Lecturer in Physics
Dr Gaby Roch Lecturer in Physics
Dr Florence Sallas Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr James Urquhart Lecturer in Physics and Astrophysics
Dr Penny Wozniakiewicz Lecturer in Space Science

Research staff

Applied Optics Group
Dr Ramona Cernat Postdoctoral Researcher
Adrian Fernandez  
Dr Yong Hu Postdoctoral Research Associate
Konstantin Kapinchev Visiting Researcher
Dr Manuel Marques Research Associate
Dr Radu-Florin Stancu Visiting Researcher
Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science
Dr Kathryn Harriss Research Associate
Agata Makieła Research Postgraduate
Functional Materials Group
Dr Vanessa Cascos-Jimenez Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Andre Duvel Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Sudeep Ghosh Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Matthew Hockley Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Danilo Loche Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Anant Kumar Srivastava Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Rahul Tiwari Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Yu-Chin Tzeng Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Christopher Winterowd Postdoctoral Research Associate


Emeritus and Honorary staff

Emeritus Professors
Professor Ian Bruce Emeritus Professor of Nanobiotechnology
Professor Alan Chadwick Professor of Physical Chemistry
Professor J. C. Dore Emeritus Professor of Condensed Matter Physics
Professor D. A. Jackson Emeritus Professor of Applied Optics
Professor Richard Jones Emeritus Professor of Polymer Science
Professor R.J. Newport Emeritus Professor of Materials Physics
Professor John Strange Emeritus Professor of Experimental Physics
Professor John Todd Emeritus Professor of Mass Spectroscopy
Honorary Professors
Professor Eleanor Schofield Honorary Professor
Professor Z. Szotek Professor of Physics
Professor Ofer Lahav Professor of Astronomy
Visiting Professors
Professor J F W Mosselmans  
Visiting Lecturers
Dr R Mallion  
Honorary Readers
Dr J. A. Creighton Reader in Chemical Spectroscopy
Dr J. D. Wright Reader in Materials Chemistry
Honorary Senior Lecturers
Mr E. A. Ansarai  
Dr L. H. Ryder  
Dr D. H. Niblett  
Honorary Senior Research Fellow  
Dr D. MacKay  

Administrative staff

Clair Gould School Administration Manager
Kim Harty Degree Programmes Manager
Dr Vicky Mason Director of Public Engagement/Lecturer in Physics
Ms Christine Vickerman Student Support Adviser
Clerical and secretarial staff
James Burt Clerical Receptionist
Rachel Butland Finance Assistant
Ms Sharon Humm Personal Assistant to the Head of School
Amy Jackson Administration and Recruitment Assistant
Katherine Moss Recruitment and Marketing Officer
Rachel Small Clerical Receptionist
Sue Welford Student Support Co-ordinator
Zoe Wood School Finance and Research Officer
Michael Woods Postgraduate and Research Coordinator

Technical staff

Bernard Doolin Head of Technical Services
Trevor Reece ICT Co-ordinator & Web Editor
Nick French IT Support Technician
Dr Tim Kinnear Advanced IT Support Technician
Ian Ross Technician
Peter Verrall Technician
Laboratory Technicians
Jennifer Baker Technician Lab 1
Dr David Colclough Technician Lab 1
Dr Hazel Harris Technician Lab 1
Jonathan James Chief Technician - Chemistry Teaching Lab 1
Dr Spartaco Landi Technician Lab 1 / 4
Phil Marsh Chief Laboratory Technician Lab 3
Dr Dave Pickup Chief Technician - Physics Lab Lab 4
Dr Alex Wright Chemistry Technician Lab 1
Experimental Officers
Mike Cole Experimental Officer - CAPS group
Dr Andrew Morrell Laboratory Experimental Officer Lab 2
Melissa Sampson Assistant Experimental Officer Lab 3


Head of School - Professor Nigel Mason (Personal Assistant: Mrs Sharon Humm) ( Email: )

Deputy Head of School - Dr Simon J. Holder

School Administration Manager - Clair Gould

Head of Technical Services - Bernard Doolin


School of Physical Sciences, Ingram Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NH

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Last Updated: 08/11/2018