BSIS webinar to launch new book on gender-sensitivity in migration (25 Nov)

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The webinar will focus on gender sensitivity in migration.

Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) will host a free webinar to launch the recently released book ‘Women, Migration and Asylum in Turkey: Developing Gender-Sensitivity in Migration Research, Policy and Practice’ (Palgrave Macmillan) on Wednesday 25 November at 12.00 (CET).

This launch will include a panel of four of the authors to discuss the book and their recent research; Dr Lucy Williams, Senior Visiting Research Fellow at BSIS; Professor Saniye Dedeoglu, Department of Labour Economics, Mugla University; Dr Reyhan Atasü-Topcuoğlu, Department of Social Work, Hacettepe University; and Dr Emel Coşkun, Department of Sociology, Düzce University.

The authors will discuss the political, economic and living conditions of women from Central Asian, African and other countries as well as women fleeing Syria who have been the most frequent subjects of recent research. The book features qualitative and quantitative research and includes the testimony of women migrants themselves.

With unique focus on women as migrants and drawing on many years of research, the contributors will provide insight into women as economic, as well as forced migrants, as well as discussing the importance of taking a gendered perspective on migration. Particular emphasis will include how policy and practice can shape and often disadvantage migrant women living precariously in Turkey.

To attend this free Zoom webinar, please register here.