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Dr Wei Jiang

Lecturer in Economics

School of Economics, Keynes College, D1.06



Wei Jiang joined the University of Kent in July 2013. She obtained her MSc in Economics from the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (SGPE), University of Edinburgh in 2008 and PhD in Economics from the University of Glasgow in 2013.

Wei has worked with various types of macroeconomic models including heterogeneous agent models, union bargaining models, search-and-matching models, and models with equilibrium unemployment. In the process of undertaking her research, she has used many mathematical and computational skills involved with first- and second-order, and non-linear model solutions and various forms of policy analysis including tax reforms, state-contingent and Ramsey policy.

Wei is a member of the Macroeconomics, Growth and History Centre (MaGHiC).

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Wei's publications can also be found on RePEc, Orcid and ResearchGate.

Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

Jiang, W. (2019). Optimal taxation under equilibrium unemployment and economic profits. BE Journal of Macroeconomics [Online] 19. Available at:
Jiang, W. and Leon-Ledesma, M. (2018). Variable markups and capital-labor substitution. Economics Letters [Online] 171:34-36. Available at:
Angelopoulos, K., Jiang, W. and Malley, J. (2013). Tax reforms under market distortions in product and labour markets. European Economic Review [Online] 61:28-42. Available at:
Angelopoulos, K., Jiang, W. and Malley, J. (2015). Fiscal Multipliers in a Two-Sector Search and Matching Model. CESifo. Available at:
Total publications in KAR: 4 [See all in KAR]
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Research interests

Wei has broad research interests in Macroeconomics and relevant fields including DSGE modelling, business cycles, dynamic and applied Macroeconomics, and fiscal and monetary policy.

Wei's RePEc page is

Working Papers

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Consultation hours


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PhD supervision

Dr Jiang is happy to consider supervising PhD students who are interested in, but absolutely not limited to, the following areas of research:

  • Business cycle accounting in DSGE models
  • The design of optimal fiscal policy
  • The interaction of fiscal and monetary policies
  • The effects of tax reforms on social welfare and unemployment
  • Models with search and matching frictions
  • The relationship between private and public employment
  • Intergenerational mobility and the Great Gatsby Curve (most recent research interest)

Current students

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Administrative roles

  • Student Experience Lead
  • Discussion Paper Editor (macro)
  • PhD Job Market Placement Officer (joint with Zaki Wahhaj)
  • Applicant/Open Days Co-ordinator
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School of Economics, Kennedy Building, Park Wood Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FS

Undergraduate enquiries: +44 (0) 1227 827497, Postgraduate enquiries: +44 (0) 1227 827440 or email us

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