Update: Stagecoach has suspended operating the Unibuses to and from our campus as part of their service reduction. This means that the Number 4 bus will be the main daytime service at this time, operating to the Canterbury campus every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday. Also, the Triangle bus provides the service to Keynes early morning and evening Monday to Saturday and all-day Sunday.

Stagecoach staff bus passes are now purchased using the new mobile app. Student and all other bus pass discounts are provided directly by Stagecoach. For information on cancelling your bus pass click here.

During this time, your travel may be disrupted and travel providers are putting in place measures to ensure you maintain social distancing. For up to date information see our COVID-19 travel page.

Canterbury Bus Services (Stagecoach)

The University works with Stagecoach bus company to provide discounted bus travel and make bus travel easier, in line with the University's Travel Plans. The discounted tickets are available for students and staff at Canterbury and Medway campuses.

Prices and how to purchase discounted bus tickets

Student discounted tickets

The best value ticket for students is the Unirider ticket which allows unlimited travel across Kent and East Sussex. The Unirider ticket is valid for the academic year and the discount is exclusive to University of Kent students.

Purchase the Unirider discounted ticket online (takes you to Stagecoach website) and plan your journey before hand. Remember to purchase up to and including 30th September 2020 for the earlybird discount!

Ticket Journey Student 2020 price Public price
Canterbury dayrider Unlimited travel for one day within Canterbury megarider zone



(£3.10 on the app)

Canterbury megarider week Unlimited travel for 7 consecutive days from the date of purchase within the Canterbury megarider zone



on the app)

South East dayrider Unlimited travel for one day within the South East network


(£7.10 on the app)

South East megarider week Unlimited travel for 7 consecutive days from the date of purchase within the South East network


(£24.50 on the app)

Student Unirider

Early arrival Valid 03/09/2020-18/06/2021

Unlimited travel within the South East network

Equivalent Price per day £0.71

£205 £951*
Academic year Valid 19/09/2020- 18/06/2021

Unlimited travel within the South East network

Equivalent Price per day £0.71

£194 £951*

KMMS Students Valid 03/09/2020- 19/07/2021

Unlimited travel within the South East network

Equivalent Price per day £0.71

£277 £951*

Summer (13/06/2021 - 18/09/2021)


*public price tickets are calculated using the best value combination of tickets for that period of time.

Day and week tickets can be purchased on the bus with card (contactless), Apple pay, Google pay or through the Stagecoach mobile app. Remember you will be required to show your KentOne card or Kent Union staff card to purchase tickets at the discounted rates or to use your discounted bus pass. If you have lost your card, click here to find out how to obtain a new one.

During this time, COVID may disrupt your travel and safety is a main priority for Stagecoach to ensure you are travelling safely please read our COVID-19 Travel newsletter.

Staff discounted tickets

On 12th August 2020, Stagecoach introduced a new corporate ticket functioning mobile app for University of Kent and Kent Union staff, to gain exclusive access to the latest discounted bus tickets. We are the first to trial this app in the UK and as a staff member you receive a 25% discount.

Staff can purchase these tickets at any time using card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, and you can use your ticket straight away.

The discounted ticket range includes weekly (7 day) and monthly (28 day) tickets for the Canterbury local travel zone or the whole South East area. There are no restrictions on when you can use your discounted ticket meaning these discounts are available to you wherever you wish to travel.

Existing Ticket Stagecoach Public Price New Ticket UoK Corporate Price
7-day 28-day 7-day 28-day
Canterbury £15.50* £58.50* Local £11.65** £43.90
South-east £26.00* £97.50* Regional £19.50 £73.15

* Public price is the cost of the ticket if purchased on the bus.

** Please note: The Canterbury megarider app ticket is cheaper than the new corporate version (£10.40 on the app).

How to purchase:

  1. Select the 'purchase staff ticket' option at the top of the page.
  2. Login using your staff username and password, then click on the link to take you to the Stagecoach webpage.
  3. If you are using a mobile device the link will take you straight to the University of Kent version of the app. If you are on a desktop device a QR code will appear - you will need to scan this code with your mobile to open the Kent version of the app.
  4. Find the ticket you want, add it to your basket and activate it when you are ready to travel.

Please note: You will need internet connection to activate this ticket. If you are experiencing any issues with purchasing a ticket please rescan the QR code.

If you have any queries or problems when purchasing a ticket, please read the Stagecoach FAQs page.

Bus routes that go through the campus
(timetables and maps)

Uni1- City Centre

Take the Uni1 for easy access between the university and the City Centre, where you can go shopping and visit the Cathedral. This route also passes both Canterbury East and West stations. The Uni1 stops at Keynes and Parkwood or Darwin on campus.

The Uni1 is powered by biofuel which is made from used cooking oil and waste lard. Using waste products as a fuel helps reduce our carbon footprint as we can lower our fossil fuel usage.

This service also has free Wi-Fi on board!

Uni1 timetable and map

Uni2- Hales Place- City Centre

Jump on this bus to get to the University from Hales Place, or continue to Canterbury West station and the City Centre. The bus route passes both train stations in the direction from the City Centre to the university.

The Uni2 bus stops on campus at Keynes, Parkwood and Darwin bus stops. 

The Uni2 is a 24 hour service (excluding Sundays, bank holidays, Christmas and Summer vacation). Take this bus to get home after a night out in Canterbury.

Uni2 timetable and map

Triangle service- Whitstable and Herne Bay

The previous Triangle service has split into two services, the new Triangle service and routes 4 and 6 (see separate timetables below).

Ride the new Triangle to get to Whitstable or Herne Bay. The new Triangle buses also have free Wi-Fi and USB charging points!

New Triangle timetable and map

4 and 6 - Sturry/Whitstable/Herne Bay

New route 4 (Canterbury - University - Whitstable - Herne Bay - Sturry - Canterbury
New route 6 (Canterbury - Sturry - Herne Bay - Whitstable - University - Canterbury)

The new route 4 (previously 36) runs from Canterbury to Tankerton via University of Kent (Keynes bus stop), Estuary View, Whitstable High Street and Whitstable Station every 30 minutes during the daytime Mondays to Saturdays. Buses continue beyond Tankerton towards Green Hill and Herne Bay but the bus number changes to route 6, passengers can stay on the bus.

The new route 6 runs from Canterbury to Tankerton via Broomfield, Herne Bay and Greenhill every 30 minutes during the daytime Mondays to Saturdays. Buses continue beyond Tankerton towards Whitstable and Estuary View Medical Centre but the bus number changes to route 4, passengers can stay on the bus.

Route 4 timetable and map

Route 6 timetable and map


Buses that go near the campus
(timetables and maps)

3 - Faversham/Sittingbourne

Take the route 3 bus from Canterbury bus station to explore Faversham. Some services will also run to Sittingbourne.

Route 3 timetable and map

5 - Seasalter/ Whitstable/ South Tankerton/ Chestfield

Take the 5 and get off at Alcroft Grange bus stop for the closest stop to campus.

Route 5 timetable


Other useful information

Key bus stops

Why travel on the bus?

  • The University works with and subsidises Stagecoach and Arriva to provide excellent�student and staff bus deals.
  • Buses can help overcome congestion and reduce carbon emissions, which is in line with the�University's Travel Plans
  • The Stagecoach Uni2 bus runs through the night
  • Stagecoach Unibuses and Triangle buses all have free Wi-Fi on board!

Features of the Stagecoach bus app

  • Check live bus times and follow your journey so you know when to get off
  • Mobile ticketing including day and weekly University of Kent discounted tickets. Load and pay for your tickets and then activate them when needed on the bus
  • Save money on University of Kent dayrider and week megarider tickets when you purchase through the app!
  • A "what's nearby" feature to see which buses or bus stops are nearby
  • Save your favourite bus stops, buses and journeys to make your journey planning easier
  • Journey planner and timetables
  • Available for iPhone and Android

See the�Stagecoach bus app webpage�for more information.

For any other information please view the University transport team privacy notice.


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