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Dr Afroditi Pina

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Chair of the University Harassment Contact Network
Staff Equality Representative


Research interests

I conduct research in forensic and social psychology that fits within the areas of sexual violence, gender equality and victimisation. I am interested in examining the psychological explanations for people’s attitudes and behaviours that pertain to the topics outlined below:

  • Online and offline harassment and sexual harassment, rape, pornography
    I have conducted work on sexual harassment victims, coping strategies adopted by these victims, emotional impact of harassment as well as perpetration of harassing behaviours.
    I have also published work on rape myth acceptance, negative emotions (anger, fear and sadness), management of sex offenders in the community and access and exposure to pornography.
    I am currently conducting research on revenge porn as well as cyber-harassment behaviours.
  • Sexual and self-objectification
    I have published work on self-objectification and its effects on intentions to pursue cosmetic surgery as well as the effects of sexual objectification on rape victim blaming and perceived suffering of rape victims.

Key publications

  • Pina, A., Holland, J., & James, M. (2017). The malevolent side of revenge porn proclivity: Dark personality traits and sexist ideology. International Journal Of Technoethics, 8. doi:10.4018/IJT.2017010103
  • Page, T., Pina, A., & Giner-Sorolla, R. (2015). "It was only harmless banter!" The development and preliminary validation of the moral disengagement in sexual harassment scale. Aggressive Behavior, 41, 1-48. doi:10.1002/ab.21621
  • Pina, A., & Gannon, T. (2012). An overview of the literature on antecedents, perceptions and behavioural consequences of sexual harassment. Journal Of Sexual Aggression, 18, 209-232. doi:10.1080/13552600.2010.501909
  • Pina, A., Gannon, T. A., & Saunders, B. (2009). An overview of the literature on sexual harassment: Perpetrator, theory, and treatment issues. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 14, 126-138.​



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